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With Commercial Mortgage TrueRate services, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible rate on your commercial mortgage! We guarantee that our rate will be the lowest available, so you can trust that you’re getting the most competitive rate and the most accurate service.”


What services does Truerate offer in commercial mortgage?
Truerate provides a range of services in commercial mortgage, such as loan origination, servicing and analytics.

What types of commercial mortgage loans does Truerate offer?
Truerate offers various types of commercial mortgage loans, such as commercial real estate loans, bridge loans, construction loans and permanent loans.

What is Truerate’s process for commercial mortgage loan origination?
Truerate’s loan origination process includes prequalifying the borrower, gathering and verifying financial information, assessing the value of the property, preparing loan documents and closing the loan.

What types of analytics does Truerate offer for commercial mortgage loans?
Truerate offers a range of analytics services for commercial mortgage loans, such as portfolio monitoring, risk assessment, loan performance tracking and valuation analysis.

Does Truerate offer services to refinance commercial mortgage loans?
Yes, Truerate offers services to refinance commercial mortgage loans, including loan modification, restructuring and refinancing.

Does Truerate offer loan servicing for commercial mortgage loans?
Yes, Truerate offers loan servicing for commercial mortgage loans, including monitoring payments, managing collections, tracking balances and enforcing loan terms.

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